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What happens when you know someone that has a lot of “unused ammunition” but saved it for the sake of someone else and that someone else used it to their advantage to gain more overall?

The answer is simple, you have a very dangerous person on your hands ready to unload.

People who are intimidated by you, talk bad about you with hopes that others won’t find you so appealing.

You’ll have to excuse me. Sometimes my mind wanders. Kind of like Moses through the desert. Except that he had a better excuse.

Mistress, By: James Patterson and David Ellis (via ilinfiltrator)

There’s those feelings when sometimes….you just want to just let it all out emotionally. When you think about that one person or that one thing you wish you had but know you can’t, it drives you crazy. Sometimes those feelings go away and you think you’re okay, sometimes they come back and you relapse. What’s worse is that there are many contributing factors to that. It’s happened to me, and it sucks big time….

I’ve gotten over it all for the most part. It took time, but I had my ways…..

i hate the people that always complain about having no friends.

well maybe you should actually start talking to them and stop ignoring them???

i do a lot for some people and 99% of the time i don’t even get a hi or hello or any kind of acknowledgement back from those people.

i swear it feels like i’ve been replaced by the ones i feel like i’m close to.

A fire needs a place to burn.
A breath to build a glow.

it’s nice to offer a helping hand to someone even if they don’t want it. sooner or later, they’ll understand that you care and they’re not alone in this shitty world.


Behold, Jabba as the cast of Bob’s Burgers. The resemblance is uncanny of course. What can I say, the cat can act!